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I am very pleased to announce that we have raised over 355'000.- CHF during my first event that took place on June 27th at Geneva Country Club. A special thanks to my friends and generous sponsors who made this journey possible


You can see the last update of the usage of your donation by Professor Marie Schaer by clicking the button below. (April 2023)

A detailed report on how the funds will be utilized as well as frequent progress reports on her clinical studies will be posted on my website. The Department of Neuroscience is led by Professor Marie Schaer, Psychiatric Department, Geneva University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Schaer trained in Switzerland at Stanford and UC Davis Universities in the USA, specialising in neuroscience and cerebral imaging to measure autistic children's development. By using MRI and eye-tracking, she can measure cerebral development in young children to better understand how early behavioral intervention can help them progress.

"Each donation will help in the fight against autism. Thank you all so much for your support and generosity."


The Pole-Autisme Foundation benefits from the usual tax exemptions pertaining to its charitable status and from the provisions laid out in article 21u of the Swiss legislation relating to public donations.


Professor Marie Schaer

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